About the way we decide.

Whether to

Call home to Dad, or

Spend an hour in

The dusty studio, dig in the garden, or

Ride to Cooper Hill.


Is he dreaming today?

What was it I was making?

Can I control my breathing?



About the force of water.

How do beavers start when

They start to fix the dam?

We say it’s because of the sound

But there must be a moment of need.

They might not stay long.


Are there two of them, or three ?

Mrs. White says she’ll shoot if they come on her land.


About which words to write.

The difficulty of choosing between

Say – entirety and whole.

Measure out the difference

And build a sentence around

The perfect words for that.


You might not be listening.

I can’t say it will matter

When stumbling talk is just as good.



About the momentum of desire.

Will we forget

Its source even though

It is daily on our lips?

Let us think of when and how

And fix it so.


Is it possible to choose

The transportation of smell,

The sound of a bell, the rush of heat?


To use Payne’s Grey instead of blue.

The shadow it makes

Could open up the form.

Mixing indigo and raw sienna

Makes a 18th Century tone

Surrounding the lines.


Is subtlety required?

The brush could go left or right.

Cage would roll the yarrow stalks

And laugh.